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Data Protection Outside and Inside

Your business should consider data protection from the outside, through the eyes of the data subject, and build a data protection programme to control the risks and assure compliance with relevant legislation.

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Data Protection from the Outside
What does your data protection posture look like to your employees, customers, and prospective customers? That is data protection from the outside. A review of the outside edge of your data protection considers the points at which you may be collecting personal data. You can use the Data Protection at the Edge Survey to help identify where personal data is collected. Premises CCTV cameras collect data as people come into view of the cameras.
Living with COVID Tracker Ireland
Last week, after reviewing the DPIA and other documentation provided by the HSE, I installed the COVID Tracker Ireland app. On the weekend, I was out for dinner with my wife at the Red Torch Ginger in Maynooth. It was our first night out since the COVID lockdown started in March. This article describes how the COVID Tracker App works to aid contact tracing. While I enjoyed a lovely meal with my wife, the COVID tracker app exchanged identities with any other devices within a two-metre range.
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Forty Years of Privacy

In 1980 the OECD published Privacy Guidlines. I was in school. Following the publication, the EC started its journey to regulate the privacy of personal data which culminated in the General Data Protection Regulation in 2016. I grew up, learned about the value of privacy to others (and myself), the value of the GDPR and the risks that it poses to small and medium countries.